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If you’re looking for help, try Developer Support or our Developer Forum. The vmin CSS measurement unit is helpful here. I have to take screen grabs of pages that do this and then zoom in on them in the picture viewer. Benny Neugebauer Benny Neugebauer


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› Windows. Zoom Apps give access to best-of-breed applications throughout your Zoom meeting workflow, to be more efficient and effective before, during. We use a chromium browser control for our kiosk desktop application. If users can do pinch zoom it can get us in lots of troubles. Unfortunately.


html – How can I “disable” zoom on a mobile web page? – Stack Overflow


End User Authorization Flows The Zoom App Marketplace lists all publicly available apps which can be installed by individual users or accounts User-managed or Account-level apps. A sample pre-approval request flow for an end-user is shown below: Pre-approval request flow on the User’s end Make pre-approval request After requesting pre-approval After admin grants pre-approval Pre-approval request processing for Admins Admins can manage pre-approval requests made by users by navigating to App Requests in the My Admin Dashboard.

Select an app for pre-approval. Enable the Pre-approve option. Only the users whose emails are added will be able to install this app. Note: Changing this setting does not affect existing subscriptions. Transactional Email Notifications As an admin, you also have access to enable or turn off email notifications about app pre-approval requests. Disable Preapproved Apps If an admin has pre-approved an app, it can be disabled by navigating to that app in the Marketplace and switching off the Pre-approve setting when needed.

Missing Permissions for App Installation If a user is unable to install an app from the Marketplace, the user can view which missing permissions need to be granted before the app can be installed. Need help? Both free and paid Zoom users will have access to these amazing features. Zoom Apps help surface all the applications you need to be productive and enable the free flow of information between teams before, during, and after the meeting. Think of Zoom Apps as an app store right where you need it most — in a Zoom meeting, room, chat, webinar, phone call, and even your contacts directory.

Bringing your critical applications directly into the Zoom experience means you can:. Therefore, just add the above element. This is for PHP, you can use the same concept for any other language with string searches. The solution using a meta -tag did not work for me tested on Chrome win10 and safari IOS I did this by registering event listeners for zoom-gestures and using event.

This needs to be done with several events touch gestures, mouse wheel and keys. The following snippet is an example for the mouse wheel and pinch gestures on touchpads:. I used this to keep the standard zooming behavior for most parts of my application and to define custom zooming-behavior on a canvas-element. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. How can I “disable” zoom on a mobile web page?

Ask Question. Asked 11 years, 5 months ago. Modified 13 days ago. Viewed k times. I am creating a mobile web page that is basically a big form with several text inputs. Improve this question. James Donnelly k 33 33 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. I agree that it shouldn’t be disabled for most sites, but there are some use cases where you may want to disable the default zooming – such as mobile web games where you may want to override zooming to do something else.

Highly recommended. See this — Raptor. I am disabling zoom for a canvas project. Zooming could mess up the algorithms behind the animation. I agree, developers must consider usability prior to disabling zoom.

Adjust font sizes and page structure accordingly. The vmin CSS measurement unit is helpful here. I also recommend using percentages and vh and vw. We use a chromium browser control for our kiosk desktop application. Funtivity by Hermis. Funtivity provides activities and content for a wide variety of occasions including team building, conference breakouts, cultural events, and more. Funtivity provides event insights and analytics that can be used to build productive teams. Heads Up! The app is developed for Zoom by Ellen Digital and Playco.

Host and join interactive learning games and presentations directly within a Zoom meeting, and make virtual meetings, lessons, and social get-togethers awesome! With the Live2Coursera app, college and university instructors can teach efficiently and confidently knowing their students can learn at their own pace any time, anywhere.

The app enables instructors to easily record, share, and upload their live lectures to Coursera. Students can then view and download lectures choosing the best download option for their bandwidth.

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